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Coach is busting out some fancy Apple Watch bands


Move over Hermes. There’s a new high-end fashion brand that is ready to capitalize on the Apple Watch and its leather bands will be launching soon.

Coach has secretly listed its first Apple Watch bands on its website. An official unveiling of the luxury leather bands is still in the works, but based on the early listings it appears that the bands will come at a relatively cheap price point.

Images of Coach’s bands leaked in late April showing a variety of colors and materials that will make the lineup. The bands will reportedly have the same aesthetic as the design firm’s Spring/Summer 2016 handbag collection, complete with charms and little patterns stitched into the fabric.

Listings for the Coach Apple Watch bands describes one unit as “tea rose” with die-cut leather blooms. There’s another listing for a “wild beat camo” unit that has “beastly camo print on fine-grained calf leather.”