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      Luxury craftsmanship gets an urban edge on a classic oxford crafted in hand-burnished Italian calfskin with a natural sheen. Its refined leather soles are vegetable-tanned for 28 days for extra durability.
      Leather sole

      Product Reviews:

         , April 26, 2016 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        The champion is a classic. They fit true to size and took very little getting used to. A good shoe!
         , October 21, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        L Horne
        Upset aboutMichael comment wouldn’t have bought if saw comment first
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I received this mid September and use it daily. I love the outside and design of the purse, my issue is that the inside lining ripped/came apart at the bottom so now everything that was separated in the compartments ends up in one jumbled mess at the bottom of the purse underneath the lining. If that had not occurred I would have given this purse 5 stars. Now I am searching for a new purse that will last longer than a month and a half with daily use.
         , October 23, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I love this purse! Lots of room. Lots of pockets. Slouchy. Perfection. It's big without looking huge. I am able to carry all my needs plus a diaper, wipes, 2 sippy cups, and a few snacks for my 2 small children. If it wears well the next few weeks I am going to purchase it in the ash color as well. I will be sure to come back with updates on how well it holds up.
        Shown in Coffee
        Update: I have been using this purse almost daily for the past 4 months and it is holding up great. I still love it!!
         , October 24, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        I purchased this bag after eyeballing it and it's good reviews for quite some time. There are so many excellent reviews here that one might wonder why I would even bother, let alone a review packed with pictures and information. The answer is simple: the bag is so good that I wanted to write this review, regardless of it's value in a sea of good reviews.

        The pictures I have included show the 3 main scenarios I have for this bag. The first is my art jaunts. I like to go out in the world, into town, into nature, and sketch and do art. So I take multiple sketchbooks, drawing implements, binoculars, my iPad, charger for cell phone and iPad, my travel journal, little handy measuring tape, a big bag of copic markers, etc. The second scenario is my daily go-to. This is what I bring with me to work. Mixed Media sketchbook for finalized art, a smaller sketchbook for practice and design, my ever-present iPad, a small case of pencils and pens, my travel journal. I take this to work so I can spend my lunch break doing what I love, and sometimes on the way home I might hit my favorite trail and find a cozy spot to draw or read. Lastly is my Dungeons & Dragons gaming nights. I show one picture with this bag crammed with 6 D&D books (but more on that in a moment) and one with the stuff I actually take.

        This bag handles all three of my needed uses extremely well. It feels sturdy, the strap feels nice on my shoulder even when it is weighed down by heavy stuff. I love the look of it, the feel of it, how sturdy it appears and how durable. I love every part of this.

        None of the things I carry are larger than a D&D book, and those fit just fine. I don't imagine this will fit laptops much bigger than a 15" as other reviews have said. But the size for me was what made me hesitate getting this. I didn't want it to be too big, but I also wanted it to carry everything. I take this to work every day, a 9-5 office type job, so I didn't want to be lugging around a massive laptop bag with my sketchbook and pencils just floating around in the void. But I also wanted a bag that could carry all the stuff I wanted to carry when I needed to, such as art jaunts and D&D games. I felt like I was asking a lot. For a bag to be big, yet small, and to be stylish yet rugged, and to be comfortable and light, even crammed with stuff. This bag delivers.

        The picture I included where it shows like 6 D&D books was just to show that as a DM it isn't quite enough. I need to carry several books, a huge bag of dice, a notebook with all my notes, several folders, and my collection of monster minis. Obviously ALL that wont fit. But I do have a separate bag that I have my minis and notebooks and a few books in, and I use this bag to carry the books I always need, my notebook, and my sketchbook (as I will sit and draw while my party chat or whatever). But during the games where I am a player it fits the few books I need, and my folder of characters, and my art things.

        I love how even crammed full this bag doesn't dig into my shoulder. It rests comfortably on my hip in such a way that it takes some pressure off the shoulder strap. I should also say that I am a big girl, so I was also concerned that this bag wouldn't fit comfortably with the strap across my chest. A lot of cross body bags I've gotten have usually ended up riding too high up on my side because the strap was too short, or not been able to be a cross body bag at all and had to be held like a purse. I hate that. So this one that rests right where it should when I extend the straps is PERFECT.

        I am a girl, but not a particularly girly one. And in recent months I've become more active and out and about. I've taken up hiking in an attempt to lose weight, and so will seek out new nature trails to traverse and bring this with me, so when I find a nice spot I can plop down and draw a bit. I bring binoculars and a camera and my sketch stuff, and this bag holds them well. I wanted a bag that wasn't particularly girly, because I am not particularly girly. But it is nice and looks cool. I've already gotten a couple compliments and I've only had it about a day!

        I purchased the Coffee color, so that is the color in the pictures. I am glad I did. I wasn't sure how accurate the colors of the pictures were for the product above, but I knew I wanted a rich brown color. My pictures make it look a bit lighter/more gray than it actually is, but it isn't quite the rich brown the picture makes it appear to be either. There is a bit of a grayish look to it when in bright or sun light, like my pictures, and a bit darker brown in normal room light. I'm not disappointed enough in the color not being exact enough to knock a star off, but be prepared for the color to not be exactly what it shows above. Rely on reviewers pictures to get a better idea of color.

        I may have had this just a little over 2 days now, but I've put it through some paces. I crammed it full of D&D stuff the other night and carried it on the mile walk to my friends house. My shoulder wasn't sore by the time I got there, and I received no impression that the bag wouldn't be able to handle the strain. I did drop it in the gravel driveway by accident, and nothing negative resulted. Though it isn't at all padded so I was worried about my iPad getting broken. I will be getting a protective padded sleeve for my iPad soon.

        The straps appear to be real leather, and the stitching looks exceptionally good, both as a design element and as a sturdy stitching that will hold up. The front straps just magnetic snap in place, making it super easy to open the bag. You could unbuckle it instead, the buckles do function. I almost wish they hadn't had them snap in place and did just use the buckles as that would have been kind of aesthetically neat, but I can understand why they did because having to undo buckles might have become an annoyance to some.

        The front pockets are spacious. They can fit my iPhone 7 plus and still close, though getting to it there can be difficult if you snap the pockets closed, so I just let them flop so I can reach under and pull my phone out, as my phone is also my wallet. My 7 plus can also fit in the little side pockets but just can't close the pocket. A bottle of water can also fit in those pockets. Surprisingly, they don't snap close but you actually have to undo the buckles to get to something.

        The canvas of this bag is nice. I was looking at all leather bags but glad I decided to go with this canvas one with leather accents. It's very nice. The canvas allows it to be the size I need but also be smaller. If I don't fill it full it doesn't look like its folding in on itself, it maintains it's shape well. So even with just a sketchbook and my ipad this bag looks nice.

        The leather straps are very nice worn leather look. The stitching is a nice accent with thread that is just a bit lighter and more color saturated than the bag. Almost an orange color. The effect is nice. The interior is lined with a thinner greenish-gray color interior. The zippers looks pretty strong, and I'm not too worried about them breaking (though I do have bad luck with zippers in general).

        Where the straps connect to the bag looks very very durable. They knew people would want to cram stuff in this bag and it would be heavy and I think they made the straps accordingly. It feels very strong, and even tugging on it, it feels solid. I have very little fear of these straps fraying or breaking or coming apart from the bag. Honestly I think the canvas would tear before the straps come apart.

        This bag is perfect, at least for me and my uses. There are a lot of questions about size, and many of the poor reviews are because it wasn't big enough for the person's needs. This wont fit a massive laptop. It wont fit a ton of school books. This bag would be ideal for high school if you're a student that actually utilizes their locker. If you want to carry everything in here all day, it probably wont work (if school books are still as big as I remember). I think it will fit a binder or two.

        For me, as a "traveling artist" in a sense, it's perfect. The one smaller zippered pocket on the inside is enough for a few loose ends, my iphone charger, the little case with my Bluetooth earbuds, my eraser and little measuring tape and any other little things (I don't carry like chopstick or lipstick or any of that but it would fit in there if I did. I also think it would fit a phone and and a wallet for example). I can take stuff out and put stuff in depending on what I am doing and where I am going.

        I intend for this bag to be my constant companion, to go with me practically everwhere. And I will update this review in a few months to see how it's held up. I have high hopes and look forward to the adventure. This bag is amazing, and if you are on the fence as I was, wondering if this is the bag for you, putting it in your wishlist and coming back to it again and again...wondering. Just get it. You wont regret it. And hopefully my pictures do a good job of demonstrating the size for you, so you wont misjudge and get something that is too small.

        I love this bag.
         , October 25, 2018 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
        Brandon Coffey
        I got this purse to use in Italy. I'd initially bought a larger one, which, when filled, was way too heavy. The larger bag itself was heavy and I overpacked it. Before going I tried out each bag for a week. The first one was uncomfortable just going to the grocery. (I put in it a pair of mini binoculars, a small camera, my wallet, my sunglasses, my checkbook, a small makeup bag with powder and lipstick and a coin purse and my smartphone). When I switched to this one, I could not fit the checkbook and sunglasses -- but realized I would not be bringing the checkbook overseas and so the newer size was fine -- without the checkbook, the sunglasses fit.

        I put the binoculars and the camera in the zipper part under the flap. I kept tissues in the visible zipper part (bathrooms don't always have them -- seemed more of a problem in Rome than in Venice...). I also put 3x5 cards with notes and folded pages of the Rick Steves travel guides in that front zippered area (and in Venice, the tickets we used for the boats). The back of the bag also has a zippered pocket that rests against the body -- good for the powder and lipgloss or sunscreen. The top zipper has a loop that holds a mini flashlight -- nice when returning to our room with the hall lights on a timer. The top zipper has a clasp that locks on to the side. I put my sunglasses, phone, wallet and our passports in this main compartment along with the change purse. There are slots for credit cards in the purse but I did not use them. I liked having the added protection of the wallet being at the bottom of the purse.

        A few caveats: My wallet is a mini one... it holds 3 cards and ID. The change purse I used was a bit larger and had 3 compartments (a kiss lock bag). I used one for coins, one for dollars and one for euros. The bulk of our money I kept in a hidden waist belt bag (which I never showed in public -- if I needed more, I would excuse myself to the restroom and would transfer money). I kept the credit cards in RFD sleeves and our 4 passports were kept together in an RFD bag. Before leaving I made sure to latch the bag. I always wore it as a cross body bag, not a shoulder bag (though it could be worn that way). It felt more secure, especially in places like the Trevi fountain where it is wall-to-wall people. When we would eat, I generally left the bag on me. FYI -- if you use a smart phone do not set it out on the table like we do in the US. LOTS of tourists shared that people in their tour groups were getting phones taken that way. My phone was either in the locked part of the bag or in my hand when I was using it for directions or Tripadvisor.

        Wearing it all day, it did feel heavy. That said, it also felt secure. The chocolate color, while not the prettiest, is nondescript which is really what you want when traveling. You don't want it to catch the eye of a pickpocket. It is also a gender neutral color and so my husband and sons did not mind carrying it if I was taking pictures. It more resembled a camera bag or messenger bag than a purse (and they certainly preferred carrying it to the bright pink tote I also had with me (tote was used ONLY for a scarf, an umbrella, any postcards or trinkets we would buy -- things that if taken could be replaced).

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